September 14, 2015


Well, here it is. Cycle day 1. I was starting to get nervous this morning because I hadn't started bleeding, I had zero cramping or bloating, and it was day 14 post ovulation. But Aunt Flow arrived right on time and as I was leaving the Children's Hospital (volunteering, don't worry!) I noticed that it started.

So far it's been a medium-ish flow and it hasn't been as painful as last cycle but there's still quite a bit of cramping going on. But I'm pleased that it's here. I called Dr. T's office immediately and got my sonohystogram set up for next Monday, cd 8. He had one appointment on Monday and I scooped it up since it's my day off. Win!

So now we wait again. I'm so anxious and ready to get going. Poor E has dealt with me talking almost non-stop about "when we get pregnant". Poor guy!

We have a couple of things to look forward to, though, that are completely unrelated to trying to conceive. E has a work trip to Columbus at the end of the month and I decided to join him because two of my best friends from college live there. Woohoo! AND we'll be going to visit his parents in Finland (they're there for about a year for his dad's job) and traveling around a bit.

I'll update next week!

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